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"Before I met Greg it was nearly impossible to get straight answers and quality work for all of my very diverse HVAC/refrigeration needs. With so much equipment on hand it was vital to develop a preventative maintenance plan to reduce our historical repair costs. In the year plus Greg has been minding all the diverse needs of our restaurant I have been amazed at how well our program, which was custom tailored to our needs, has worked. In past years we were constantly fixing broken items. Now we are ahead of the game and repairs are much more rare. Thanks to Weatherbee!"

~Johnny James Qualley

"I am extremely pleased with the work Mr. Schieffer has done on our furnace. He is reliable, answers the phone immediately, shows up quickly, is thoughtful about figuring out the problem, is systematic and thorough in solving it, works efficiently, tells you what it will cost and keeps to the price, is neat on the site, cleans up any debris thoroughly leaving the house even better than when he arrived, and is always pleasant and polite on the job. I recommend Mr. Schieffer without reservation. It is a joy to work with him."

~Dr Barbara Geller

"Our furnace went out in February. Greg responded promptly. The work was done right and at a fair price. Plus, Greg made recommendations on airflow that improved both our heating and AC comfort. The AC was installed in February, but couldn't be tested until the temperatures got higher. This spring, Greg quickly came out - and this was a few months after he had been paid. Great follow through. Plus he was there for all the county inspections. Thank you Greg!"

~Dan and Donna

"Called Weatherbee late in the afternoon for a Furnace on the fritz...he was able to make it that evening for a look...the bad news was a cracked heat exchanger and that meant a new furnace. The good news was Greg could be there at 8am with the new one. I would highly recommend Weatherbee for your heating and cooling needs. Greg was neat, tidy and very pleasant. Here it is, less than 24 hours from when this all started and I'm sitting in a nice warm house again...just in time for the new year."

~Jim Richardson

"Greg is very professional and very honest. I had a minor problem and he fixed it, and did a furnace cleaning for a reasonable service charge. 
I was very comfortable to have Greg in my house that I left to run errands.